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Hello Zoltan,

Your package may be considered **Notable**. In that case you may gain several nice benefits. Read below to understand what are Notable packages and what you need to do to have your packages being considered notable.

What is a Notable package?

A notable package is package that does something special that is worth calling the attention of other users.
It must do something special or in a different way that it may be useful to tell other users to take a look at the package, so they can learn about what it does.

What happens when your package is considered Notable?

When a package is notable, you will get a notification by email telling you about your package notability.
Other users of the site may also be notified about your notable package. Those users may also post in their social network accounts about notable PHP packages, so you can get additional exposure to your package as well more public recognition.

Who decides if your package is Notable?

A site moderator will evaluate your package after it is published. If he considers that your package is notable, he will write a small explanation about why the package was considered notable. That explanation will appear in the notification message that you and other users will receive when your package is considered notable.

When is your package evaluated about being Notable?

Usually the package is evaluated right after it is published. Usually it is a matter of minutes or hours until a package is evaluated as notable.
You will receive the notable notification right after the package is evaluated. So it is possible that you may already have received a Notable package notification for this package that was just approved.

What if your package is not considered Notable?

In that case you will not be notified. But do not worry. If your package is not considered notable that does not mean it is bad. It may just mean that it does something similar to what other existing packages already do.
Receiving notable package notifications is very nice. So keep sending more packages because your next approved package may be considered notable if it does something special.


Can you earn any prizes for your Notable packages?

If your notable package is also innovative, you may be nominated for the PHP Innovation Award. In that case you get more public recognition and nice prizes provided by well known sponsors.


Will your Notable package be nominated to the PHP Innovation Award?

If your notable package is innovative you will be nominated for the PHP Innovation Award.
Notice that not all notable packages will necessarily be considered innovative, but often being notable is due to the package also being innovative.
On the other hand, a package that may not have been considered Notable immediately, may still be nominated for being innovative.

When will you know if your package is considered innovative?

The nominations for the PHP Innovation Award happen in the beginning of next month.
You can be nominated multiple times, one for each innovative package published each month, regardless if the package was considered notable or not.
So go ahead, submit more packages that you think they can be innovative here:



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